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Welcome to First Grade!


First grade is such an important part of your child's education.  We know you will be amazed at the amount of growth your child will experience throughout this school year.  

As a team, we are so excited to see what the 2017-2018 school year has to hold for this sweet group of students!  We feel that it is a great honor to be teaching at the BESt school in the parish. We take the responsibility of spending our day with your babies very seriously.  We hope to work with you as a team, to ensure both a positive and successful school year for all of our students! Thank you for this opportunity! 


Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. Baker


Weekly ELA & Math: Oct. 23 - 27

(We will review on Wed., Oct. 19th and go on our field trip on Oct. 20th)


Unit 2: Week 3

Essential Question: What do animals live together?

Comprehension strategy:  main topic and key details

Comprehension skill:characters, setting, events 

Writing Traits: organization 

Grammar: possessive nouns

Structural Analysis: inflectional ending -ing 

Mechanics: commas in a series, apostrophes with contractions 

Spelling Words: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, men, head, could, one 

High Frequency Words: could, live, one, then, three  


Chapter 4: Subtraction Strategies 


* Be sure to continue working with your child on subtraction and addition.  If you need any practice sheets, I will be to send them home!  Flash cards are a great tool. Thanks for your help at home as always!

Chapter Vocabulary:


* Before each chapter test, we will complete a reveiw test in class as a whole group.  Your child will bring that review test home and this will be a study guide for the actual chapter test.  (HINT) The review test is VERY similar to the actual chapter test!!




First Grade News:

* Pizza Day is Friday the 13th!

* Field Trip money is due by Oct. 13th.    ($8.00)

* Fall Break will be Oct. 16-18. Enjoy your family!

* Be sure to check, sign, and return your childs red folder daily.   

* Be sure to sign and return the your childs blue folder each week.  These will come home on    Tuesday and will contain all graded work and other information concerning your childs behavior.